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Let Our State Legislators Know!

Let our State Legislators know that SB 1124 Is unconstitutional by downloading and sending the Repeal SB1124 letter!

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Viktor has had a varied educational and work background, with a focus on criminal justice and philosophy. He has also gained valuable experience working in government and the non-profit sector. However, his personal experiences with financial and medical hardships, as well as being a caretaker for his parents, have given him a unique perspective and empathy for the struggles of the average working-class American. It appears that Viktor is passionate about making a difference in his community and advocating for change that benefits those who need it most.


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On the Issues


Criminal Justice Reform

Reform our criminal justice system to ensure justice and to hold law enforcement, and court officers accountable for their actions. 

Emergency Vehicles

Corrections Reform

Reform our Corrections Facilities and enhance the Jail Diversion program to help those with Mental Health Needs. 


Healthcare Reform

The healthcare system in the US needs restructuring to ensure that rural hospitals' needs are met and that urban healthcare centers care about providers and patients rather than profit. 

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