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Police Reform 

  • Expand Academy to a 2 year program with possibility to gain a 2 year college degree. 

  • Relieve police of non violent non criminal investigations/situations by allowing local governments to create new departments to respond to these calls through grants and incentives. 

  • Provide more funding to smaller police departments for non lethal non criminal crisis management. 

  • Eliminate bureaucracy from dismissing, discharging and/or firing an officer. Often the bureaucracy prevents departments from discharging problem officers. 

  • Allow officers to opt out of mandates/ orders based on individual, religious or medical reasons

  • Prevent officers from transferring to a new department or division while under investigation or after being discharged while under investigation. 


Criminal Justice Reform:

  • Remove mandatory sentencing

  • Remove private prisons and jails. 

  • Create a legal divide between courts and prosecutorial entities so that the court systems are not influenced by District attorneys. 

  • Provide greater funding for Legal Aid and other public defender organizations. 

  • Require new attorneys to complete 1  to 2 years of service as a public defender

  • Create a new investigative and prosecutorial office in the DOJ and DHS to investigate misconduct and illegal activity in the DA’s office. 

  • Eliminate redundant investigative and prosecutorial offices from the govt. 

  • Narrow qualified immunity for police officers, agents, attorneys and other investigative and prosecutorial agencies. 

  • Eliminate pseudo science from law enforcement practices such as field sobriety tests, on field drug testing and canine contraband detection. 

  • Agents of all levels of govt should face harsher charges when breaking the law. 

  • Term limits for DA’s 

  • Prevent law enforcement agencies from withholding currency or other monetary items on the speculation that a crime was committed to acquire those items. 

  • Eliminate eminent domain. 

  • Eliminate wage garnishment. 

  • Remove court fees at all levels of govt. 

  • Remove poverty requirements for Public Defender requests

Healthcare Reform


  • Open Medicare and Medicaid to all residents and citizens. 

  • Eliminate copays and deductibles 

  • Allow healthcare facilities and offices to accept all insurances 

  • Remove for profit medical centers

  • Make grants more accessible to rural medical centers. 

  • Eliminate for profit ambulance services

  • Include vision and dental care in all insurances

  • Have a ten year private insurance phase out period to transition to universal healthcare

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